Poker Night With the Guys – Tips


Poker has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years thanks to no small part to the advent of Texas Hold’em. It has become part of the mainstream American consciousness. A friendly poker game without gambling is a great way to have some friends over for a fun activity and a little bit of competition. We strongly recommend against gambling with friends because it could lead to some complicated situations. Here are a few tips if you would like to set up a home poker tournament.


Make sure you have some food and beverages available. But we recommend some light finger foods and some sodas. Having food is important because it is waiting for another opening 카지노사이트.


You will also want to go through all your supplies just to make sure that you are fully stocked on everything you’re going to need. There are not too many things to worry about if you are not playing for money because there is not much pressure but you will still want to make sure you have some basic poker supplies to be able to play the game. Check that you have all the cards in them. You may also want to run through your poker chips to make sure they all match and can even stack together so people don’t have to individually count all their stacks.


Next, you will likely want to make the rules of the game. Such rules as what the chip will play with jokers. Make sure to list out all the rules to the guests. You may also want to post them onto the internet if you are an element of a particular game. Whatever you do though, do not put the spilled can end up ruining the table for good.

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